Soloists at Messiah from Scratch, November 2009

Soloists at Messiah from Scratch, November 2009

Our conductors and soloists

From this page you can link directly to all the conductors and soloists with whom we are currently working.

Brian Kay (TRBC’s Principal Conductor)
Ben Parry (RAH Youth Messiah 2017)

Galina Averina (RAH Gloria!, July 2017)
Lucy Hall (RAH Carmina Burana, July 2016)
Ella Rainbird-Earley (RAH Gloria!, July 2017)
Linda Richardson (RAH Verdi Requiem, May 2016)
Jenny Stafford (RAH Mozart Requiem, May 2017)
Nardus Williams (Guernsey, October 2016; Mallorca, March 2017)

Katie Coventry (RAH Mozart Requiem, May 2017)
Marta Fontanals Simmons (RAH Verdi Requiem, May 2016; Mallorca, March 2017)
Stephanie Windsor-Lewis (RAH Gloria!, July 2017)

William Blake (RAH Mozart Requiem, May 2017)
Neil Jenkins (RAH Carmina Burana, July 2016)
Jung Soo Yun (RAH Verdi Requiem, May 2016)

Jake Muffett (RAH Carmina Burana, July 2016)
Ashley Riches (RAH Verdi Requiem, May 2016; RAH Mozart Requiem, May 2017; Summer School Gerontius, August 2017)

Adrian Levine (violin)
Maria Marchant (piano, River of Gold cruise, March 2018)
Andrew Parnell (organ)
Jane Watts (organ)

The English Festival Orchestra