Sopranos, Choir East, Messiah from Scratch 2009

Sopranos, Choir East, Messiah from Scratch 2009

Sunday 15 November 2009

Messiah from Scratch®

Royal Albert Hall

Feedback from members

I have to tell you that singing at the Royal Albert Hall in November is one of the most exciting things we have done. (DF, Canada)

We had a splendid time; my ‘novices’ were really fired up with the occasion and still high at Monday night’s choir rehearsal! (JG, Pewsey)

Thank you all so much for Sunday’s glorious Messiah, and for the chance to one small element in it. This was my first proper outing since a serious illness in the summer and I am still on ‘cloud nine’. The finest possible therapy—and not yet available on the NHS! (HW, Bournemouth)

Sunday’s Messiah was indeed fantastic! I had a friend with me who was doing it for the first time, and she has been on a high ever since. As ever, very many thanks to all concerned for putting such a glorious show on the road, and all seemingly without a hitch. (JND, Bath)

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