A section of the cloisters of the magnificent Basilica Sant Francesc in Palma

30 March–2 April 2017


Palma de Mallorca

Details for singers

Vocal Scores.  Please make sure you pack your music, including the correct edition of Vivaldi’s Gloria (the Casella edition, published by Ricordi). The Malipiero version (also Ricordi) is not compatible, but if you already own this edition, click here to download a ‘fix’ supplied by Andrew Parnell which solves the main problem of the extra bars in ‘Et in terra pax’. The second piece is John Rutter’s beautiful setting of the Requiem (sung in Latin where there is a choice between Latin and English), published by OUP. Blackwell’s Music Shop can supply vocal scores (01865 333582; email printed.music@blackwell.co.uk).

Learning the music. There is limited rehearsal time once we get to Mallorca, so all singers are strongly urged to do their homework in advance and arrive at the first rehearsal having learnt the music to the best of their ability – the more practice you manage to put in at home, the better you will enjoy the rehearsals.  Rehearsal material (CDs/MP3 files of your own vocal line) is available from ChoraLine. If you’ve not already acquired your scores, please do so without delay so that you have time to learn the music before you arrive in Palma. As well as the rehearsal CDs mentioned, Brian Kay has compiled a page of chorus instructions which we ask you to study in conjunction with your scores. You can download these here.

Concert and dress. Taking place in the impressive surroundings of the Basilica Sant Francesc, the concert starts late (20h30) as is customary in Spanish-speaking countries. You may be able to eat afterwards, but there is a good gap between the end of the rehearsal and the time you need to be back at the Basilica: time even for those in the furthest hotel to go back, change, and have something to eat (you will need to a good level of energy at the start of the concert!). Our TRBC polo shirts, which you are welcome to wear at any other time, are not suitable concert wear for this venue, so please pack what one might call ‘standard’ concert dress. To elaborate: smart long-sleeved black tops for ladies and long black skirts or smart evening trousers. By all means wear some sparkly jewellery, but don’t go overboard with the bling or you will dazzle the audience. Layers are advised to cover all temperature fluctuations. Gentlemen should wear dinner jackets or dark suits with a black bow-tie, and a waistcoat if you like; what you wear beneath your white shirt is up to you!

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