One of the most striking features of the Vienna Stephansdom is its unique tiled roof (photo: Georges Jansoone, via Wikimedia Commons)

3–6 December 2018

Mozart at Midnight

Vienna, Austria

Details for singers

Vocal Scores. Please bring your own copies of Mozart’s Requiem, and learn your part thoroughly before you join the trip. We use the Süssmayr completion (Novello or Barenreiter editions). If you have no local music shop, then Blackwell’s Music Shop can supply vocal scores (01865 333582; email Rehearsal material (CDs/MP3 files of your own vocal line) is available from ChoraLine.

Learning the music. There will be limited rehearsal time in Vienna as we want you to be able to do some Christmas shopping, so all singers are strongly urged to do their homework in advance and arrive at the first rehearsal having learnt the music to the best of their ability. The more practice you manage to put in at home, the better you will enjoy the experience. As well as the rehearsal CDs mentioned above there may be additional instructions from the conductor, Gerald Wirth. If these are sent to us you will be able to download them here.

Concert and dress. Full instructions will be included in the final musical details, sent by post to participants a few weeks before the trip, and also available for download. Our colour-coded polo shirts will not be suitable for such a prestigious concert, but you can always wear one at rehearsals. If you don’t yet have one, you can download an order-form here. Vienna will be cold! We don’t know at this stage how cold the cathedral will be, but we anticipate you may need several layers underneath your concert clothes, and we recommend you invest in some leg-warmers to hide beneath your dress/skirt/trousers.

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