New York's Carnegie Hall, America's most prestigious concert venue (photo@ Jorge Royan, 2005)

New York's Carnegie Hall, America's most prestigious concert venue (photo: Jorge Royan, 2005)

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11 January 2013

Special Offers for Tenerife

Two Special Offers are now available for singers contemplating the trip to Tenerife, and they are especially generous for people introducing new tenors to The Really Big Chorus.  Full details via the Bookings page.

27 June 2012

Calling all budding maestros!

You too can conduct at the Royal Albert Hall!  As part of our fund raising for the National Autistic Society, the post-interval auction will include the chance to conduct the orchestra.  Download the details here (opens in a new window).

18 June 2012

‘Gods of Olympus’ chorus notes now uploaded

Click here to download further copies of the chorus notes for Gods of Olympus on 8 July 2012 (opens in a new window).

16 May 2012

Inspire Mark awarded to world premiere concert ‘Gods of Olympus’

Today is ‘Inspire Day’, with the media focused on all the events which go to make up the Inspire Programme of the London 2012 Games.  Our Singday 2012: Gods of Olympus is proud to carry the Inspire Mark, and be part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.  Download the full press release here (opens in a new window).

27 April 2012

Peacemakers in New York

With most, if not all, of the Peacemakers CDs now arrived, we thought it was time to add the photographs as well.  Click on the link to go to the Past Events section.

19 April 2012

More photos!

Links to the photo albums for St Petersburg (The Scratch Russian Romance) and New York (In Memoriam 9/11) are now available.  Go to Past Events and select the appropriate concert, and then click on the photo link.  More photos will be uploaded soon (yes—we know we’ve got some catching up to do!).

18 April 2012

Peacemakers news

Great news!  The Peacemakers CD is up at number 3 in the Amazon best-sellers list!  And—at long last—EMI have distributed our CDs of this work, expected since the beginning of the year.  We are sorry you had to wait so long, and did everything we could (not much!) to speed the process along: EMI is a very big machine indeed, and it is hard to influence its pace.  Another video featuring our recording sessions has now appeared on YouTube:  click here for some very respectable coverage of TRBC (link opens in a new window).

09 January 2012

Recent media coverage

Slowly the media is beginning to take notice of The Really Big Chorus and the fantastic opportunities we offer to amateur singers. Messiah from Scratch® in November 2011 featured three times (click here for all three links) and footage from our Abbey Road recording debut can be seen on the new promotional film for Karl Jenkins’s The Peacemakers (view this here via the Amazon ordering page).