Sir David, whose achievements we celebrate on 15 May

Sir David, whose achievements we celebrate on 15 May

Send your message to Sir David Willcocks

Our concert on 15 May will celebrate the achievements of Sir David Willcocks, who has been associated with The Really Big Chorus since first conducting Messiah from Scratch® in 1979. We want to present him with a leather-bound volume of all your messages of congratulation and goodwill, so you are invited to download a template (click here but see note below about possible problems), print it (preferably in colour if you possibly can) and then collect messages and signatures from your fellow singers and choir members. Your completed page(s) should then be posted back to us at PO Box 4211, Bath BA1 0HJ, England. Pages which arrive before the concert will be bound into the volume prior to the presentation; those which arrive later will be bound in afterwards. The latest date we can receive your page(s) is 28 May 2010.

You will also be able to hand your pages in at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 15 May.  There will be clearly labelled boxes at doors 3, 6, 9 and 12.  Pages will be included (loose) in the programmes, and additional pages will be available at doors 6 and 12 (at our own Box Office table).  Please try to keep them clean and uncrumpled! 

Some notes to help you with downloading and printing:

  • if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, PDFs may not download properly. There appear to be no difficulties with other browsers: Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and AOL all work perfectly well
  • the page is designed in landscape format (the short sides are vertical), so ensure your printer is correctly set before printing
  • please avoid writing too close to the left-hand edge which is where the binding will go, and the corresponding place on the reverse if you are using both sides of the page
  • if you are collecting signatures and messages from a particular choir, make sure the choir’s name is shown prominently
  • share a page with friends whenever possible, to avoid the final volume becoming too thick and unwieldy
  • to avoid folding your completed page(s) we would prefer them to be returned in an A4-sized envelope. However, these count as ‘large letters’ , and the postage is more expensive. If you need to use a standard-rate stamp, please fold your page(s) once only (to A5—the size of our normal flyers) and use a C5 envelope to return to us