The Scratch Youth Messiah 2015: some young singers seemed to know it by heart!

The Scratch Youth Messiah 2015: some young singers seemed to know it by heart!

Sunday 12 November 2017


Royal Albert Hall, 14:00

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Marking the score
However well you know Messiah, no two performances are exactly the same. Choral directors should download our chorus notes, specific to The Scratch® Youth Messiah, and write the instructions into their scores so that all participating choirs follow the same basic guidelines.

You can also download a list of exactly which numbers from Messiah we will sing (and those which are cut) in this performance.

Learning the music
If you need help with this, there are various learning CDs/ MP3s of Messiah on the market which highlight one particular vocal line from the texture.  You can also find downloads of the accompaniment only if you have no piano. Here are some links:
– 3 Steps to Sing from ChoraLine (a comprehensive easy-learning method for Messiah)
– John F’s Rehearsal Files (access to MIDI and MP3 sound files for all the choruses)
Your Accompanist (downloadable accompaniments chorus by chorus; you only pay for the choruses you need)
Handel’s Messiah Without Words (orchestral accompaniment, movement by movement)

Performances by others
There is no shortage of CDs of Messiah, plus lots of clips on YouTube. Our conductor Ben Parry suggests:
– sung by Tenebrae on YouTube
– and by King’s College Cambridge on YouTube (this has links to the separate movements)

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