Click on the flyer image above to download the booking form

Click on the flyer image above to download the booking form

Sunday 30 November 2014


Royal Albert Hall, 7.00pm

Booking for this event

25 June 2014: update on ticket availability.  We have now virtually sold out of our allocation of seats for this year’s Messiah from Scratch®. But please do not give up hope yet – we have a waiting list, and as tickets are returned to us by the Royal Albert Hall Members we will make them available to you. Members’ seats cost us an extra 20% to purchase on top of the advertised price and we have no choice but to pass this additional cost on to you. We must emphasise, however, that we make no profit whatsoever out of this increase, and you will be told of the new price before you pay. Please be aware that it may be some months before we know exactly how many Members will return their seats to us. Members will also sell their seats (in Stalls and Boxes) via various ticket agencies: as soon as we know these are on sale we will let you know so that you can purchase them, but please note that these could be anywhere in the Hall, not necessarily in the singing area.

Booking for Messiah from Scratch® can only be done by post.  Tickets disappear very quickly, and the earliest bookings are always given the best available seats, so please book early to avoid disappointment. If you have not received a flyer in the post, simply click on the image to the right to download a booking form (opens in a new window).  Fill this in and send it with your payment to the address on the form.

To find out more about our booking procedures, please click here to go to our page of Frequently Asked Questions.

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