Company Information

Scratch Concerts Ltd and The Really Big Chorus are largely run in their spare time by people in their own homes. Because of this, we do not publish a telephone number, since the volume of calls from the 12,000 or so people on our mailing list would be too much to handle. Enquirers would not, in any case, get an answer if we were away managing an overseas trip.

Our preferred method of communication is by post, with all enquiries and correspondence directed to

PO Box 4211,

However, we do understand that there are some enquiries for which the post is simply too slow, and this applies especially to people from countries outside the UK who need to discuss details of a booking.  By all means use email when you have to, using the address  but please do not attempt to book tickets this way, as credit card details should never be sent either in the body of an email or as an attachment; email is not secure for this purpose.

Data Protection

You can download our data protection policy here.


Messiah from Scratch® and The Scratch® are registered trademarks.  These and similar titles are the brand names of those who created these events at the Royal Albert Hall in 1974, and much hard work has been devoted ever since to developing their distinctiveness, and improving and maintaining their standards. Of course, anyone may organise a choral participation event, but they must not copy the titles of TRBC events.

Scratch Concerts Ltd:  registered in England and Wales No. 2740803; VAT No. 133 0052 73

The Really Big Chorus and Concerts from Scratch are operating names of Scratch Concerts Ltd

Registered Office: 141 Englishcombe Lane, Bath BA2 2EL
(This is NOT for correspondence: please do not send letters for us to this address as they may be subject to unforeseen delays. To contact TRBC or Concerts from Scratch, please use the PO Box address, above, which gets directly through to our team.)