The magnificent façade of the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest (photo: Thaler, from Wikimedia Commons)

24–27 March 2022

Hungarian Rhapsody

Budapest, Hungary

Details for singers

By the spring of 2022 we expect international travel to be unrestricted. New bookings for our singing holiday to Budapest can now be taken, and anyone who booked for previous dates will be contacted directly by Specialised Travel.

Vocal Scores. Please bring your own copy of Handel’s Messiah, and learn your part thoroughly before you join the trip. We use the old Novello edition (ed. Prout), but Barenreiter and other editions are largely compatible. If you have no local music shop, then Blackwell’s Music Shop can supply vocal scores (email ; telephone 01865 333582). 

Learning the music. There will be limited rehearsal time in Budapest as we want you to be able to do some sight-seeing, so all singers are strongly urged to do their homework in advance and arrive at the first rehearsal having learnt the music to the best of their ability. The Liszt Academy hosts many prestigious choral concerts each year, and we should be up there with the best of them. The more practice you manage to put in at home, the better you will enjoy the experience. Follow this link for details of rehearsal material helping you to learn your own part at home.

Concert and dress. Full instructions will be included in the final musical details, sent by post to participants a few weeks before the trip, and also available for download. Our colour-coded polo shirts will not be suitable for the concert, but you can always wear one at rehearsals or during leisure time. If you don’t yet have a polo shirt, you can download an order-form here.

For other questions you might have, click here to go to our FAQs page.

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