Brian Kay, who will direct our New York performance

11 September 2016


A return trip to New York to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11

Details for singers

Vocal Scores.  Singers are responsible for bringing their own vocal scores. Fauré’s Requiem is widely available, and all editions of the choral score are compatible as far as we know.  If if your local music shop cannot help, then the extremely knowledgeable staff at Blackwell’s Music Shop in Oxford will certainly be able to do so.  The company can also supply a variety of performance CDs.

Learning the music. Although we have two piano rehearsals in New York before the main rehearsal with orchestra, we ask you to be thoroughly familiar with all the music before you fly. ChoraLine can supply voice-part rehearsal CDs and MP3 files for Faure’s Requiem; these recordings are specifically created to help choral singers learn their vocal line and practise at home, so please enquire about availability. Arrive well prepared, and your enjoyment of the trip will be greatly enhanced.

Dress. This will be notified nearer the time, but New York concert goers expect their performers to look smart, so our best guess at present is elegant long black for the ladies, and dinner jackets for the gentlemen. Any change will be notified well in advance. Why not bring a colour-coded TRBC polo shirt to wear at rehearsals? If you don’t yet have one, you can download an order-form here.

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