Sopranos queue at the Royal Albert Hall for 'The Armed Man' in 2008

Sopranos queue at the Royal Albert Hall for 'The Armed
Man' in 2008

Sunday 8 July 2012


Royal Albert Hall, 7.30 pm

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About the music
Successful ventures, be they films, TV series or musicals, tend to result in a sequel. Our first commission of a new choral work (Karl Jenkins’ Gloria in 2010) was extremely successful, so we have commissioned another: the same composer’s Gods of Olympus. Motivated by the London 2012 Olympics, the work draws its inspiration from four of the ancient Greek deities: Zeus, Hermes, Aphrodite, and Hephaestus. Jenkins has also used his own ‘mythical’ language (as in the Adiemus series) to ensure universal appeal for this important work.

The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace, also by Karl Jenkins, was a millennium commission from the Royal Armouries. With a text derived from the sacred writings of several major faiths as well as the Latin Mass, the piece focuses on the fearsomeness and futility of war and looks to a time when all peoples will be at peace. The opening movement presents the old 15th-century popular song L’homme armé, around which several renaissance mass settings were based.

Eric Coates’s London Suite was once more familiar than it is now, and it is a great shame that this lively work, so wittily descriptive of London, is not more often heard in the concert hall. The three movements offer musical sketches of Covent Garden, Westminster and Knightsbridge.

About the artists
Brian Kay will conduct the English Festival Orchestra (leader Adrian Levine), and the mezzo-soprano soloist in The Armed Man will be Frances Bourne who delighted us with her performance of this work in 2008.

About the charity
This concert supports the National Autistic Society through programme sales, sponsorship, bucket collections and sales of merchandise. Autism affects thousands of families but is still poorly understood, and the NAS aims to educate and inform as well as raise funds. We are proud to be associated with the Society during its 50th anniversary.

For information on dining, parking and disabled access please contact the Royal Albert Hall after 14 May (follow the link or telephone 020 7589 8212).

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