The Yangtze River weaves its way through spectacular scenery and high-sided gorges

The Yangtze River weaves its way through spectacular scenery and high-sided gorges

26 October–4 November 2012


Yangtze River and Hong Kong

Details for singers

Vocal Scores.  Please acquire your music well in advance, since we will not be taking extra scores all the way to China. For Haydn’s Missa in Angustiis (better know as the Nelson Mass), please bring the Robbins Landon edition published by Schott. There are several editions of the Vivaldi Gloria, and we will use one of two published by Ricordi—the version edited by Casella. (Please do not bring a different edition unless you are prepared do a lot of editing with your own pencil!) Gilbert & Sullivan Choruses is a volume edited by Brian Kay and Robin Wilson and published by Novello. If you don’t have convenient local music shop then Music Dynamics offers an efficient mail-order service via its website or by telephone on 0845 304 5070 (ask to speak to David).  The company can also supply rehearsal CDs for individual voice parts, and a variety of performance CDs.

Learning the music. Those joining us for the preliminary cruise will have a little more time to learn the notes, but the more you can learn in advance the more you will enjoy the trip. Anyone not arriving until Hong Kong is strongly urged to do their homework in advance and arrive at the first rehearsal having learnt the music to the best of their ability.  As well as the rehearsal CDs mentioned above we have compiled a page of chorus instructions which we ask you to study in conjunction with your scores. These will shortly be available to download here.

Dress. This information will be available nearer the time.  We are unlikely to be able to wear our colour-coded polo shirts for the concert, but you could certainly wear them on the cruise ship and create lots of interest in what we are doing!  If you don’t yet have one, you can download an order-form here.

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