Suitable madrigals for a cruise through French wine regions

31 October–7 November 2013


Sing the Romantic Rhone

Details for singers

Vocal Scores.  Gounod’s Messe de Sainte Cécile is published by Novello (ISBN 978-085360980) and will be sung in Latin. Smoking and Drinking, (volume 6 of the Chester Books of Madrigals edited by Anthony Petti) is published by Chester (ISBN 978-07119437) and comprises around 20 madrigals in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish from which Brian Kay will make a suitable selection. If you don’t have convenient local music shop then ChoraLine offers an efficient mail-order service via its website or by telephone on 0845 304 5070 (ask to speak to David).  The company can also supply a variety of performance CDs.

Learning the music. Although we have plenty of rehearsal time on the cruise, everyone’s enjoyment will be enhanced if singers come aboard with the notes already learned. Please thoroughly learn all choral sections of the Gounod Mass, and nearer the time we will upload a list of which madrigals will definitely be sung. ChoraLine (see link above) supply voice-part rehearsal CDs and MP3 files for the Gounod; these recordings are specifically created to help choral singers memorise their vocal line and practise at home. Arrive well prepared, and we will all have much more fun!

Dress. Since we have the boat to ourselves, this is less of an issue than on one of the ‘floating hotel’ cruise ships. Dining will be elegant rather than formal, and for the rest of the time we can be informal and comfortable. For shore excursions suitable walking shoes are recommended, and everyone is advised to check the weather forecast for the region before packing—plenty of layers plus a light waterproof jacket should equip you for anything. Why not bring a colour-coded TRBC polo shirt to wear at rehearsals? If you don’t yet have one, you can download an order-form here.

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