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Sunday 7 May 2017


Royal Albert Hall, 7.00pm

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Latest News
19 April: Due to building work at the RAH, singers arriving for the 4 o’clock rehearsal are asked to access the building via one of the following doors:
Door 1 – Singers in Choir East, Stage East, Arena A, Stalls G & H
Door 2 – Singers in the East side of the Circle (Circle P & Q)
Door 9 – Singers in Choir West, Stage West, Arena F, Stalls O & M
Door 8 – Singers in the West side of the Circle (X & Y)

Join us at the Royal Albert Hall for one of the all-time choral favourites: Mozart’s Requiem. The timeless appeal of this work is matched only by the unending fascination over the circumstances of its composition. An unknown visitor having commissioned him to compose the work in secret, Mozart began to write, but suffered feverish delusions in which he imagined that the visitor was Death and that the Requiem was for his own funeral. He died from rheumatic fever a few months later with the work incomplete, and the known facts have since been embellished by a good deal of imaginative fiction!

Before the Requiem there’s more Mozart to enjoy: the sparkling overture to The Marriage of Figaro, the marvellous Fourth Horn Concerto (immortalised by Flanders & Swann) and Exsultate jubilate with its famous ‘Alleluia’.

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