Gerald Wirth, Artistic Director of the Vienna Boys’ Choir (photo: Lukas Beck)

Gerald Wirth received his first musical training as a member of the Vienna Boys’ Choir and at the Anton Bruckner Konservatorium in Linz, Austria, where he studied voice, oboe and piano. As a teenager he was already conducting a children’s choir and was the founder of a Youth Choir and a Trio Sonata Ensemble.

In 1991 he moved to Calgary Canada to take up the position of Artistic Director of the Calgary Boys Choir Organisation. He also founded and directed the Professional Vocal Ensemble ‘Sangita’, was Music Director of the Calgary Civic Symphony and Associate Conductor of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

Gerald has conducted choirs and orchestras all over the world, and sings and plays himself in a number of ensembles. He receives regular invitations from all over the globe to conduct workshops about music pedagogy and all aspects of choral music. He believes he can get practically anyone to sing, and over the years, he has developed a unique method to teach people of all age-groups to express themselves in music, by training their voice, their sense of rhythm, their hearing, and their sight-reading skills.

In 2001, Gerald Wirth became the artistic director of the Vienna Boys’ Choir. While he is keenly aware of the choir’s rich tradition, he also explores new ways to create and make music and has instigated a number of projects involving world music, a cappella, pop and film music.

His first love is the voice; as is evident from his own compositions which include three children’s operas, several oratorios, theatre projects, music especially written for festivals and countless arrangements for choirs. He finds much of his inspiration in myths and philosophical texts. His works are commissioned and performed internationally.

Wirth is convinced that intensive engagement in music has a positive impact on every realm of the personality, and is one of the co-founders of ‘Superar’, a European movement supporting the integration of underprivileged children and people in difficult social situations through high-quality music education.