Messiah from Scratch® 2024


7:00 pm


Sunday 10 November 2024, 7.00 pm

Messiah from Scratch® draws thousands of singers to the Royal Albert Hall in the weeks leading up to Christmas for a unique performance of Handel’s Messiah. Over the past 50 years, hundreds of thousands of singers (and a few thousand audience members) have experienced Messiah from Scratch®, in which the singers outnumber the audience, generally by three to one. As a result, it is a brilliant, festive occasion which fills every available seat in the Royal Albert Hall.

The performance is genuinely ‘from Scratch’ with no rehearsal for the singers. This generates a sense of excitement which consequently produces, year after year, a simply superb performance. Experience a wonderful adrenaline-filled evening after which everyone – singers and audience alike – leaves the Hall on an amazing high. Join us by following the links at the foot of this page.

If you’ve always wanted to conduct at the Royal Albert Hall, this might be your chance. We are auctioning, to the highest bidder, the opportunity to conduct an extra performance of the Hallelujah Chorus immediately after the interval, with all proceeds going directly to the British Heart Foundation. To find out more, click the More Information button below, but you MUST be there in person, and tickets are almost sold out!

Never mind the details – take me straight to the booking form! (opens in a new window)

Participating singers: download chorus notes for 2024 (opens in a new window).

Update for singers (July 2024)
The following seats remain:
A few seats for Tenors and Basses in either the Arena or the Circle
A few seats for Sopranos in the Circle.
ALL other seats are sold. To book, use our booking form. We will allocate returns strictly in the order in which ticket requests are received by us; please do not send cheques at this point, but use a credit card. 

Update for audience (July 2024)
We have sold out of all our allocation of audience seats.
Stalls seats should be booked via the RAH (020 7589 8212), as debenture-holders are returning their seats for resale on a regular basis. Otherwise, your only option is to book online for standing places in the Gallery.

Messiah from Scratch® 2024
Messiah at the Royal Albert Hall