Who will ever forget the wonderful conducting duo of Jonathon Welch and Carmen Zgouras jointly conducting Eric Coates’s ‘Knightsbridge March’ in July 2012?

Past events

From here you can access details of most concerts and trips organised since 2012.  If you have a query about events prior to that date, please email members@trbc.co.uk and we will do our best to help.

Past events 2018

  • Mozart at Midnight: 3–6 December
  • Messiah from Scratch®: 2 December
  • The Scratch® Youth Messiah: 2 December
  • The TRBC Summer School: 7–12 August
  • Fauré & Mendelssohn: 8 July
  • The Armed Man A Mass for Peace: 20 May
  • River of Gold Cruise: 16 March– 23 April

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