Sunday 12 July 2009

Singday® 2009: The Rutter Requiem

Royal Albert Hall, 7.30pm

Feedback from Members

How much we all enjoyed it! It was a marvellous experience—my head still rings with the music. (ME, Cambridge)

Thank you so much for enabling so many to ‘sing their hearts out’. (CS, Newark)

I have only recently returned to singing…and sitting in the choir at the Royal Albert Hall and singing with outstanding musicians like John Rutter conducting his exquisitely beautiful Requiem is an experience I could not have anticipated. I have read something of the history of The Really Big Chorus, and I recognise how much you have done—and continue to do—for so many people, whose experience over the years must have been every bit as exciting as mine! (JND, St Albans)

Very many thanks for organising Singday 2009: The Rutter Requiem. It was an uplifting and unique experience—the Scratch concerts are positively life-enhancing. It was just a pity that so many people clapped between movements. (JD, Addlestone)

I write to tell you how much our members enjoyed Singday 2009 on Sunday.It was an interesting venue, well organised by your team and brilliantly refined and conducted by John Rutter. Taking part in the performance in such a famous place was the experience of a lifetime for most of us; thank you all, very much. (DM, Coventry)