The 7th Avenue frontage of Rosie O'Grady's, where TRBC Members congregated for the post-concert reception

The 7th Avenue frontage of Rosie O'Grady's, where TRBC Members congregated for thepost-concert reception

9–12 September 2011

In Memoriam 9/11

Avery Fisher Hall, New York

Feedback from participants

Coming over from England to sing in New York for the 9/11 tenth anniversary was one of life’s great experiences for us. The audience were wonderful and after the concert, whilst walking over to our hotel, a man came up to us in tears and thanked us. (Margaret & Robert, Herefordshire)

I am still dizzy from the fabulous trip to New York. (Jacqueline, Devon)

Thank you for providing an unforgettable experience in New York—fantastic! (James, Lincoln)

The weekend was beyond words. (Jonathan, Carlisle)

Definitely a terrific opportunity—a momentous moment in our lives—lift-off began when we were publicly welcomed over the in-flight tannoy on BA113.  It was crescendo and accelerando from then on. (Christine, Newark)

Two singers shared more extensive thoughts on our Facebook page:

Deirdre Speed, from Gainsborough . . .
A long day in NY City. Up early for the walk to the Avery Fisher Hall for 9 am start. Weather cool and dry—most pleasant; streets very quiet.  Full rehearsal went as well as we could hope for. Very hot in the hall and cramped.  Back to hotel for a bite to eat and to change.  The atmosphere on the street was very subdued, none of the usual NY fizz. Watched part of the Naming /Rollcall on the TV while getting ready to go back for the concert.

Taxi back quite early to soak up the atmosphere.  We were let into the backstage area and all too soon, it’s time to line up and go onstage.  A passing thought as we entered:  the number of people in the Avery Fisher Hall for this concert (audience and performers) is about the same as the number killed on 9/11.  A very sobering thought.

Then we did the biz and generally gave a pretty good account of ourselves.  Yes, we know where we were not quite spot on, but no major hiccups and a standing ovation at the end.  Then it was all back to Rosie O’Grady’s for the reception for us, while the major characters went to a reception at the British Embassy.  Karl came in to see us later  and in his words there was only one iffy moment. Only one?  Well, only one really iffy moment!

The post-concert blues have already set in.  I don’t know how we can ever top today.

. . . and Pat Tromans from Malvern
It has been an amazing few days.  From having no speaking voice last week, I’ve managed long rehearsals and a really moving concert—with just the occasional ‘lip-sync’ (that’s rehearsal conductor Jonathan Griffith’s advice for that note you’re not convinced you can get on top of).  I learned so much from him and the rehearsals were great fun as well:  thank you, Jonathan.  I was one of those who opted to sit in the tiers at the side of the hall, which meant we could take a handbag on with us (!) and we could hear the whole concert.  There were some disadvantages at rehearsal—not being able to hear Karl very well was the main one—but listening to Barber’s Adagio and the American choir doing Rene Clausen’s Memorial far outweighed those.  Today we’re being tourists, with maybe a hint of retail therapy.  I’m programmed for early starts and diner breakfasts, but we only had a 6.30 wake-up call today—so decadent!  I hope we’ve done TRBC proud (with just the odd iffy moment!).  I’m having a wonderful time and I love New York!

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