Manvinder Rattan, who will be the musical director for our trip to Rajasthan in March 2015

25 March–2 April 2015


Schubert’s Mass in G in Delhi

Details for singers

Download chorus notes

Music.  If you don’t already have a copy of Schubert’s Mass in G or The Memory of All That, and don’t have a convenient music shop, you can order scores from ChoraLine by telephone on 0845 304 5070 or directly from the Concerts from Scratch section of their website (opens in a new window). For the Schubert Mass, be sure to order the 1977 edition (ISBN 0-85360-260-0) as there is an earlier Novello edition which is not at all compatible (chunks of the text are missing!). The Memory of All That is published by Alan Simmonds Music (ISBN 1-874556-02-4) and Manvinder Rattan will give us an indication nearer the time of which items we will study with him.

Learning the music. We rely on all singers to be conscientious and learn the music to the best of their ability before they embark on the trip as there will be no time for individual note-learning once we arrive in Rajasthan. To help you arrive prepared and ready to sing, we have uploaded a page of chorus instructions which we ask you to study in conjunction with your scores. ChoraLine learning CDs, where the individual vocal lines (soprano, alto, tenor or bass) are made to stand out from the surrounding musical texture, are available for the Schubert Mass (click here for details); if you play the CD and follow your score you will soon learn your line even if you don’t read music very well.  Additional free resources are listed in the chorus notes.

Dress. We will advise you of this at least six weeks before the concert, but it is likely to be very informal, apart from the performance in Delhi Cathedral. Our colour-coded polo shirts will be suitable for any other occasion, so if you’d like to buy one you can download an order-form here.

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