The prestigious Christos Lambrakis Hall where our concert will take place (part of the Megaron arts complex).

4–7 April 2019

Athenian Adventure

Athens, Greece

Details for singers

Vocal Scores. Please bring your own copies of Haydn’s Creation, and learn your part thoroughly before you join the trip. Bring any old Novello edition, but not the New Novello edition (ed. Pilkington) as the words are completely different. If you have no local music shop, then Blackwell’s Music Shop can supply vocal scores (email ; telephone 01865 333582). Rehearsal material (CDs/MP3 files of your own vocal line) is available from ChoraLine.

Learning the music. There will be limited rehearsal time in Athens as we want you to be able to do some sight-seeing, so all singers are strongly urged to do their homework in advance and arrive at the first rehearsal having learnt the music to the best of their ability. And we don’t want to look under-rehearsed by comparison with our fellow Greek singers! The more practice you manage to put in at home, the better you will enjoy the experience.

Concert and dress. Full instructions will be included in the final musical details, sent by post to participants a few weeks before the trip, and also available for download. Our colour-coded polo shirts will not be suitable for such a prestigious venue, but you can always wear one at rehearsals or strolling along the waterfront of the Athens Riviera. If you don’t yet have a polo shirt, you can download an order-form here. The concert hall will have air conditioning, so might be cooler than you would expect; ladies may wish to have an extra layer to hand.

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