A view of the Athens Riviera, where our accommodation is situated.

4–7 April 2019

Athenian Adventure

Athens, Greece

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About the places 
The Athens Riviera is the name given to the stretch of coast to the south of Athens, much favoured by Greeks living in Athens who want to escape from the busy atmosphere of the city.  Here, just 10 miles out from the city centre, you can find palm-fringed beaches, waterfront cafés, a cosmopolitan marina, and traffic-free promenades.  Our accommodation is here, away from the hustle and bustle but with easy access to Athens itself with its ancient sites and famous landmarks. Our concert will be given in the Megaron, the city’s major cultural centre, housing several state-of-the-art performing spaces, a conference centre, library and beautifully landscaped gardens.  (In ancient Greek palaces  the megaron was the great hall, hosting everything from poetry readings and feasts to royal functions and religious sacrifices.)  

About the music
Haydn’s Creation, written at the end of the 18th century, takes its text from two biblical sources (Genesis and the Psalms of David) and Milton’s Paradise Lost. The music is wonderfully descriptive and somewhat ahead of its time – the opening ‘Representation of Chaos’ (played by the orchestra alone) in particular pushes the boundaries of 18th-century harmony and orchestration. Its delightful solos and duets and grand choruses nevertheless charmed its first audiences, and it has remained a favourite with choirs ever since. It is very appropriate to be singing this work in Athens, the birthplace of so much culture and civilisation.

About the performers
Brian Kay, Principal Conductor of The Really Big Chorus, will direct our rehearsals and concert; the soloists are from the UK and are all familiar faces to TRBC regulars: Sarah Power (soprano), William Wallace (tenor) and Frederick Long (bass-baritone).  Our hosts and fellow singers at the Megaron will be the Greek choral group, Choir Musica.

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