I’ve not heard from you; when will my tickets arrive?

All ticket orders are acknowledged. If you have not heard from us within a couple of weeks of sending your order, please email members@trbc.co.uk and tell us the date of your order and the name of the person whose details are on the order form. After the initial acknowledgement, we will not contact you until we send out the tickets (see below). 

Tickets are not normally despatched until a few weeks before the concert. This way we can continue to balance the relative sizes of the different voice-parts until the last possible minute. If you are expecting tickets, be sure to look carefully at every letter you receive from The Really Big Chorus – people have been known to overlook their tickets thinking it is a routine mailshot (the envelopes are the same). If you have not received your tickets two weeks before the concert, please email members@trbc.co.uk, and be sure to tell us the name and postcode of the person who actually made the booking. You can then come and see us at the Box Office on the day of the concert, and we will be able to issue passes in lieu of lost or missing tickets. If there isn’t time to contact us in advance, come to the Box Office anyway, and we should be able to help.

Sometimes people who order two tickets think they have only received one. Look carefully, as they are folded together, accordion style.

Why doesn’t the Royal Albert Hall sell singing tickets?

Singing tickets cannot be sold by the Hall because their Box Office has no means of allocating you to the correct voice-part within the choir, and we might end up with half a dozen tenors in the middle of the altos! Audience tickets are sold by the Hall, but our booking process starts several months ahead of theirs and the best seats are often sold by us before booking opens at the Box Office.