I have a disabilty/suffer from vertigo: are there suitable seats?

For those with a physical disability, there are seats on special platforms suitable for wheelchair access, and there are other seats that are easier to access for those not in wheelchairs. For disabled and easy-access seats, and any special request of a similar nature, please explain your requirement at the time of booking.

Vertigo sufferers should know that the Royal Albert Hall is quite steeply raked in places which can be a severe problem for some people. Your best option is to book very early, explaining your needs and requesting a seat in the Main Singing Area. We need you to explain your difficulty, as ‘Main Singing Area’ includes the Choir seats to either side of the organ where the back rows are also very high up.

For Messiah from Scratch®, as there is no rehearsal during which you might have the chance to swap your seat, it is especially important that your requirements are notified to us as early as possible.