Polo shirts on sale in the foyer at the Royal Albert Hall. Click on the image to download an order form.

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Dress for the Royal Albert Hall

Our Royal Albert Hall concerts are formal occasions with a paying audience, so please dress smartly.

Sopranos and Altos: If you have come as a group with your regular choir, you may like to dress in your normal choir attire. Others should adopt the TRBC colour-scheme: a top, dress, scarf or shawl in mid-blue for Sopranos, or red for Altos. If you’re not sure about the shade, visit www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk, where Royal Blue/Victoria Blue/Electric Blue will give you a good idea of a suitable blue; similarly Geranium/Poppy/True Red show the preferred shade for altos. If you already have red or blue garments in a different shade, you are welcome to wear them!

Male Altos: We suggest a red shirt with black trousers to match your female colleagues; alternatively you can dress as the Tenors and Basses (see below).

Tenors and Basses: Please wear dark suits or dinner jackets (no braces, please, for the July concert, in case it is warm enough for jackets to be removed) and a white shirt with tie or bow-tie.

Female tenors: Please wear a white shirt and black skirt or trousers, with an optional bow-tie.

Some concerts are less formal than others, when you might prefer to wear our official polo tops (see relevant FAQ).

Dress for workshops and cruises

There is no particular dress code for workshops, although polo tops would be ideal (see polo shirt FAQ in this list). Cruise companies have their own guidelines, and you can always pack a polo shirt for informal moments. If a cruise concludes with a concert it may or may not be a formal affair – if it is, we will warn you!

Overseas trips and Summer School

You can wear what you like, including a polo shirt if you have one (see relevant FAQ). Concerts at the end of the period may well be in a very prestigious building, and the appropriate dress will be announced to all singers taking part; this is often the standard long black (for women) and DJ (for men).

TRBC polo shirts

Our monogrammed polo tops are currently available only while stocks last. They come in in blue (Sopranos), red (Altos), white (Tenors) and black (Basses). They are available in six sizes, from extra small to extra-extra large, and are at currently priced at £10 including P & P (formerly £18.50)

Download an order form here (opens in a new window/tab), change the price to £10 per shirt if necessary and post the form (with payment) to PO Box 4211, Bath BA1 0HJ. The shirts can sometimes be collected at one of our Royal Albert Hall concerts by prior arrangement.

School groups

If you are bringing a party of five or more, the children are advised to wear their normal school uniforms to assist with group management.