Messiah from Scratch

The Prout edition of Messiah is the one used at Messiah from Scratch



Sing Messiah from Scratch ® on Sunday 10 November (7 pm)! Here are all the details you will need to join in our 50th anniversary.

Vocal score. You need to bring a score as you won’t be able to purchase one on the day. We use the Prout edition of Messiah, published by Novello, as it is smaller, lighter and cheaper than other editions. If your local music shop cannot help, then the extremely knowledgeable staff at Blackwell’s Music Shop in Oxford will certainly be able to do so.

Learning the music. To sing Messiah from Scratch ® and get the most from the experience, you must know Messiah before you come – there is no rehearsal. Chorus instructions for this concert, with recent updates, can be downloaded here (opens in a new window). We will also post them, not only when we acknowledge your booking, but also when we send your tickets. To listen to your individual vocal line while out and about, or to follow the score from your armchair, then you need a special app for phones or tablets, a rehearsal CD or an MP3 download is just what you need. Click here for the 5-star ChoraLine app; to purchase ChoraLine CDs/MP3 files, or their comprehensive ‘3 Steps to Sing’, visit the ChoraLine website.

Rehearsals.  There aren’t any – that’s what makes singing Messiah from Scratch ® so exciting! But please be sure to be in your seats at least ten minutes before the start time of 7.00pm.

Dress for the concert. This should be elegant. We have a TRBC colour-scheme, where sopranos wear something including mid-blue and altos something with bright red. For a good idea of the shades we recommend, you can visit the ‘Shop by Colour’ pages of Kettlewell Colours at Their colours True Blue, Periwinkle, Oxford Blue, etc are perfect for sopranos, while True Red, Geranium, Poppy and Tomato are great for altos.

Tenors and basses should wear dinner jackets with a black bow-tie, or dark suits . We suggest that female tenors wear a white top with black trousers or a black skirt; add a black bow-tie if you like. Male altos can dress as the tenors and basses, or wear a red shirt with black trousers.

For other questions you might have about our concerts at the RAH, click here to go to our page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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