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3–6 December 2024


About the music
Mozart’s Requiem dates from the very end of his life (1791) and was commissioned by a nobleman who was in the habit of requesting works from notable composers and passing them off as his own.  This aristocrat sent an anonymous servant to Mozart, and the mysterious circumstances served to convince Mozart (probably already showing the feverish symptoms of the malady which was to kill him) that the messenger was Death himself and that he was writing his own Requiem.  The music certainly has a passion and fervour to support this.

About Mozart and Vienna
Mozart moved to Vienna in 1781 and was to remain there until his death in 1791. He and the soprano Constanze Weber were married in the Stephansdom (St Stephen’s Cathedral) in August 1782, and in 1784 moved into an apartment in the Domgasse a short walk from the cathedral; this is now a Mozart museum. There is anecdotal evidence that Mozart met Haydn in Vienna and played string quartets with him; the two of them certainly had the opportunity, and were full of mutual admiration. After his death, the cause of which may never truly be known, his body was blessed for burial in the Holy Cross Chapel of the cathedral, and he was subsequently buried in a common grave since the cost of a dedicated plot was something only the nobility could afford. In the years that followed, several memorial services testified to the esteem in which he was held by the Viennese citizenry. 

About the Vienna Boys Choir
The Vienna Boys Choir was officially founded in 1924, but can trace its origins back to 1498. The choir has its headquarters in the 17th-century Augartenpalais and we are delighted to have been offered a private performance there by one of the choirs the day after our arrival. The palace is normally on view to the public only on rare open days, so this is a special privilege for TRBC Members who join us in Vienna. For more information about the history of the VBC, and its current programmes, visit the English-language pages of their website.

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