A standing ovation at the end of Messiah from Scratch
21 November 2021

21 November 2021
Royal Albert Hall

Messiah from Scratch® in 2021 (our 46th) was very special. Having been prevented for so long from singing together at the Royal Albert Hall, the delight and relief of many was summed up beautifully by Brian Kay: ‘What an absolute joy it was to be back at the Royal Albert Hall and to thrill once again to the heady delights of Messiah! Congratulations to those 1,800 wonderful singers who overcame the current situation and, as usual, gave their all, and our special thanks to the TRBC admin team for keeping the faith throughout the lockdowns and making it happen. Now we know we can do it, let’s try and break the record next year and raise the roof yet again in that wonderful way that only The Really Big Chorus can.’

Our excellent team of soloists comprised Charlotte Bowden (soprano), Emily Gray (mezzo), Oliver Johnston (tenor) and Jerome Knox (baritone). The English Festival Orchestra was led as usual by Alison Kelly and we should also specifically mention Jane Watts (playing the RAH organ), Joe Atkins (solo trumpet), and Silas Wollston (harpsichord) who underpinned everything.

Although the British Heart Foundation was not able this year to field a team of volunteers to sell programmes and handle the usual bucket collections, we nevertheless managed to make them a donation of £1,500 once all the programme expenses (including RAH commission) had been deducted. Julie Holland, our liaison at the BHF, was delighted with the news: ‘What a lovely email to receive on my first day back [after New Year]!  We really can’t thank you enough for your kind donation, particularly as we were unable to help.’

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Feedback from our singers:

‘What a triumph! Thank you for all the fantastically hard work that it must have been to get the Messiah together again after all this time. It was such a happy occasion and you could feel it in the air.’ (Rosie U.)

‘What a pleasure for us all to be back and revelling in joyous sound.’ (Michael B.)

‘What a triumphant  “coming together” it was, after two years of enforced silence. It was just wonderful to be back.’ (Christine S.)

Messiah from Scratch® in 2022 will be on 13 November and booking opens early in February 2022