Can I amend or cancel my booking?

18 March 2020

To amend or cancel a booking, you can email or write to PO Box 4211, Bath BA1 0HJ. Explain your requirements as briefly as you can, but be sure to include the surname and full postcode of the person who made the original booking or we may not be able to trace it.

Cancelling a booking
We appreciate being told about reduced or cancelled bookings so that we can fill gaps in the seating, but we will not normally make refunds unless your section is sold out and we are able to resell the tickets. Even for sold-out events this is not always possible, particularly if you leave it to the last minute. If we do make a refund, there will be an administration charge of £5 per seat.

Amending a booking
For reducing the number of seats in a group, please see ‘Cancelling a booking’ above.

If you want to add additional seats, you should make an additional booking; we will connect it with your original booking if the surname and postcode are the same (please write clearly). To be safe, send a covering note with your second and subsequent bookings. However, we cannot guarantee to seat additional bookings with those made earlier, as we allocate seats on a first-come, first-served basis and there may be no seats left close to the original booking. The best we can do is to offer the option of moving your original seats out of the Stalls and seating you together further back. A similar problem arises if the whole of the Main Singing Area is full by the time the second booking arrives.

If the total price is increased, please enclose additional payment with your booking. We will not normally refund any price difference, and if we do there will be an administration charge of £5 per seat.

Can I amend or cancel my booking?