Dress for the Royal Albert Hall

18 November 2020

Our Royal Albert Hall concerts are formal occasions with a paying audience, so please dress smartly.

Sopranos and Altos: If you have come as a group with your regular choir, you may like to dress in your normal choir attire. Others should adopt the TRBC colour-scheme: a top, dress, scarf or shawl in mid-blue for Sopranos, or red for Altos. If you’re not sure about the shade, visit www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk, where Royal Blue/Victoria Blue/Electric Blue will give you a good idea of a suitable blue; similarly Geranium/Poppy/True Red show the preferred shade for altos. If you already have red or blue garments in a different shade, you are welcome to wear them!

Male Altos: We suggest a red shirt with black trousers to match your female colleagues; alternatively you can dress as the Tenors and Basses (see below).

Tenors and Basses: Please wear dark suits or dinner jackets (no braces, please, for the July concert, in case it is warm enough for jackets to be removed) and a white shirt with tie or bow-tie.

Female tenors: Please wear a white shirt and black skirt or trousers, with an optional bow-tie.

Some concerts are less formal than others, when you might prefer to wear our official polo tops (see relevant FAQ).

Dress for the Royal Albert Hall