Why is there such a delay before we receive our RAH tickets?

In order to create the best choral experience for our singers, by keeping the different voice-parts in separate blocks, we do not fix the dividing lines between the voice-parts until the last possible moment. If, for example, we have more basses than usual, they will need to be accommodated in seats often allocated to sopranos; or an extra 50 altos might find themselves in seats normally occupied by basses. The jigsaw is usually finalised about 6 weeks before the event, and we aim to send out tickets no later than 3–4 weeks before the date of the concert.

Are there special instructions for TRBC performances?

A set of musical instructions (Chorus Notes) is published for each concert; details include breathing, note lengths extra dynamics and where to stand/sit. A single copy is sent with the acknowledgement of your order, and you can download more copies at any time from the relevant concert page on our website.  When we send your tickets (just a few weeks before the concert), we send multiple copies of the Chorus Notes for everyone in your party.

If there is a lot of division within a voice-part (divisi), the booking form will reflect this and ask you which part you want to sing. If the divisi is minimal, the booking form will not differentiate. The advice then is to learn whichever part you wish, and the Chorus Notes will usually cover this. Sometimes an instruction is changed, and we update the Chorus Notes: check for updates on the relevant concert page and make sure you have the most recent version; if you are still uncertain, please write to PO Box 4211, Bath BA1 0HJ or email members@trbc.co.uk.