The Scratch Youth Messiah 2015: tomorrow's altos in the making

The Scratch Youth Messiah 2015: tomorrow’s altos in the making

Sunday 12 November 2017


Royal Albert Hall, 14:00

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Taking part in the Scratch Youth Messiah couldn’t be easier. Simply download the registration form and post it to us with your registration fee of £40.

For a concise description of exactly what is entailed, read our Timetable and General Information document.

Your minimum commitment is to sing just four key choruses from Handel’s Messiah which comprise about 14 minutes of music:

– And the glory of the Lord (the first chorus)
– Surely he hath borne our sins (the opening chorus of part 2)
– the Hallelujah chorus (the end of part 2)
– the final Amen at the close of the work

To that you can add as much more as you feel comfortable singing, anything from three to nine additional choruses.  Or you could sing everything, as many choirs do. Download What will you sing? for the full details.

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