The original 1874 title page from the Verdi Requiem score

Sunday 21 May 2023

Verdi Requiem

Royal Albert Hall, 7.00pm


New information about lunch and dressing rooms. Since we posted your tickets, the Royal Albert Hall has notified us of some changes.  These have been emailed to everyone for whom we have email contact details, but are given again here in brief.

The women’s dressing room is now DR12. This is on the same level as the old Chorus Room B (now unavailable), but opposite the orchestra DRs;  stewards will be able to point you in the right direction. There are a dozen or so lockers if you cannot avoid bringing valuables which are too large to carry on stage with you. There is no change to the men’s dressing room, which remains Chorus Room A (lockers also available here). These rooms are not large enough for our numbers – please come ready dressed for the concert if at all possible.

The RAH caterers will once again provide snack-pack lunches to take some of the pressure off the Café Bar at Door 12.  These must be pre-ordered no later than 12 May on one of the following forms: PDF version (must be printed out); and Excel version (can be downloaded and completed on screen). Once completed, the form should be sent to Rhubarb’s address on the form (post or email). Please do not contact us about snack-packs – we do music, not food!

Vocal scores. You need to bring your own music as it will not be possible to purchase scores on the day. There are now several editions of Verdi’s Requiem, and we recommend the one published by Ricordi. The Peters edition should be compatible but will have different page numbers; please avoid the New Novello edition if possible as this may differ in more than the page numbers. Order from your local music shop if you have one, otherwise Blackwell’s Music Shop in Oxford offers an expert service: 01865 333582 or

Learning the music. The more homework you are able do in advance, the better you will enjoy the day. Chorus instructions for this concert can be downloaded here and will be sent when we acknowledge your booking. If you want to listen to your individual vocal line while out and about, or while following the score from your armchair, then a special app for phones or tablets, a rehearsal CD or an MP3 download is just what you need. Click here for the 5-star ChoraLine app; to purchase ChoraLine CDs/MP3 files, or their comprehensive ‘3 Steps to Sing’, visit the ChoraLine website.

Rehearsals.  On the day only: 11am–1pm and 2.30pm–4pm (please note that an early version of the chorus notes incorrectly gave the start time of the morning rehearsal as 11:30). Whilst there is no way we can make these compulsory, you are strongly advised to attend both rehearsals and thereby do your bit to ensure a high standard of performance. If you miss a rehearsal, you may also miss vital information about the concert. 

Dress for the concert. This should be smart. We have a TRBC colour-scheme, where sopranos wear something including mid-blue and altos something with bright red.  See our FAQs for more details, including suggestions for female tenors and male altos.

Still have questions? For more information about our concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, click here to go to our page of FAQs.

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