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I sent my application in weeks ago; when can I expect to hear from you?

Information packs for overseas trips and cruises are sent out by our travel partners, Specialised Travel Ltd. In order to avoid sending the details twice, these packs are not sent out until every last detail is confirmed and agreed, and there are occasional last-minute hitches which cause delay. Please be patient: Specialised Travel is aware that you need the information, and will contact you as soon as they can. If the delay is causing you problems, please email them at

Why am I getting information from a different company?

The Really Big Chorus draws on the expertise of other organisations when it needs to. Specialised Travel Concert Touring Ltd is an experienced tour operator with a department which specifically caters for the needs of musicians, and the company has an unrivalled reputation for looking after its musical clients abroad. They have been our travel partners for approaching three decades, and will be your contact for all your travel arrangements. Click here to visit their website (opens in a new window/tab).

When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets and other travel documents are sent in the fortnight before travel by our travel partners, Specialised Travel Ltd. If you have not received your documentation a week before departure, contact them on by e-mail at

How will I know what to bring with me?

Your music is the most important thing, and we recommend you acquire this well in advance of the trip since we will not be able to provide it. (To find out where to get hold of the music you need, click here.) Roughly two weeks before departure our travel partners, Specialised Travel Ltd, will send your tickets and general information about the trip, including details of the local currency, the likely weather conditions and suitable clothing for the time of year.  As part of that mailing we will include our own leaflet telling you everything you need to know about the musical side of things, including what clothes to pack for the concert and what facilities there are at the concert venue.

Can I travel independently on one of your overseas singing holidays?

Usually you can, providing there is sufficient space in the concert venue. Our travel partner, Specialised Travel Ltd, will usually offer a package which excludes travel but includes hotel accommodation and the music element; they may also offer a ‘music only’ package which includes just the rehearsals and concert. Prices are given in the sales document sent to everyone who enquires.

People are sometimes surprised at the cost of a ‘music only’ package. The price reflects the fact that the number of singers taking part in overseas events is far less than at the Royal Albert Hall, and yet the costs involved in organising a concert at a prestigious foreign venue are substantial. All singers contribute to the hire of rehearsal and concert venues (including churches), staging, choir seating, sound equipment and publicity; fees, flights and hotel expenses for conductors and soloists; and fees, expenses and music hire for the local orchestra. Such costs add up to tens of thousands of pounds.