Scratch Concerts Ltd (operating as The Really Big Chorus and Concerts from Scratch) is run by three families, largely in our spare time and from our own homes. Because of this, we do not currently publish telephone numbers, since answering queries from the 12,000 or so people on our mailing list would leave us no time to organise the events. The telephone would not, in any case, be answered if we were away managing an overseas event.

As we do not offer a telephone advice line, we have a comprehensive list of FAQs. Before dashing off an email (see below), please check to see if your question is answered within the FAQs. You can also view our overall Terms & Conditions here.

We are happy to correspond by email for quick queries, especially for overseas Members for whom post is time-consuming and expensive. You can email us at, but please do not try to use this to make bookings or pay for tickets, as credit-card details should never, for security reasons, be given in an email; bookings must always be made by post on the form downloadable from each event page; bookings for Royal Albert Hall events in May or July can also be made by telephone on 01865 333582.

We are also now actively building an email list as a way of contacting our Members, so if you are already on our mailing list, please click here to let us have your email address and we will add it to the existing information on our database.  You can also use the same link to notify us of a change of address.  In either case, please identify yourself with your name, and the current postcode we hold for you.  Your contact details will not be shared with third parties without your permission.

If you are not already on our mailing list, click here to join.

Please read our privacy policy for details of how we store and use your data.

If you wish your name to be removed from our mailing list click here to send us an email

All enquiries and correspondence should be directed to:
PO Box 4211

To book for our events please click here.